Tapeley Park | An accountant for your company in Belgium, what are the best solutions ?
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An accountant for your company in Belgium

An accountant for your company in Belgium, what are the best solutions ?

Whether you have 100 or 1 million employees in your company, an accountant will always be necessary. It’s not just about the sustainability and success of your business. But this kind of professional also facilitates the management of your activity.

There are currently several solutions that allow you to ensure good accounting for your business. This ranges from accounting outsourcing to hiring a full-time employee. What is the best alternative? Point.

A salaried accountant: some complications in view
Has been, the in-house accountant is no longer very popular with modern companies. And for good reason, this leads to many complications. You will be in effect in this case subject to the norms of social right. Dismissal, number of working hours, working conditions, respect for employees and even the conditions for negotiating the contract and wages must comply with the Belgian legal provisions.

In addition, a full-time employee will cost you more than an accounting firm in Ixelles. Independent providers are more open to discussion. They do not need you to provide them with their tools.

The benefits of an external accounting firm
More and more companies are leaning towards outsourcing the financial side of the business with an accounting firm in Ixelles, Saint-Gilles and Brussels. This type of provider is subject to an obligation of result and not of time. This will be much simpler to manage and will guarantee a unique quality of service.

Named accounting outsourcing, this trend has evolved with the internet. today, thanks to the digitalisation of services, it is possible to ask online for the state of its finances, investment advice, the payment of employees and expenses, the preparation of audits, etc. The subcontractor obeys the same rules as an employee accountant. It will occupy the same functions, but with much cheaper rates.

As everything happens in this kind of case on the Net, providers are more available than the traditional employee who is subject to an obligation of time. In case of need, you can easily get in touch with your expert via chats, video calls, emails, etc. In any case, it will propose a tailor-made service adapted to your activity, the size of your company and all your requirements.

Why avoid independent contractors ?
On the web, you also have independent experts in accounting Ixelles. But beware these are not more advised than the conventional employees. And for good reason, even if all these providers offer the same services, the accounting firm is much safer. It can be in terms of professionalism or quality of support.

In addition, limited in the time they can allocate to a customer, independent contractors can only support a few contracts. They are therefore more complicated to find.

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