Tapeley Park | Life and career of tennis player Patrick Landau
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Patrick Landau

Life and career of tennis player Patrick Landau

It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication to reach the top of one’s profession and stay in that position. This increases tenfold if you happen to be the son of the mighty tennis player Vladimir Maximilianovich Landau.

Birth of a great sportsman

Seventy-five years ago, Patrick Landau came into this world by his parents Vladimir Landau and Janine Marie-Louise Regnant. This being sixteen years after his father took two major victories in what was the first-ever Davis cup competition which it seemed he was also destined to participate. He represented the principality by being a member of the Monegasque team putting up a performance together with his doubles teammate Francis Truchi which remains to be the best to date. Patrick Landau furthered his studies at Brigham Young University training with the BYU cougars.

The beginning of a sports experience

In the early stages in his tennis career, he decided to test his skills in the Monte Carlo Mid-Winter tournament where he did exceptionally well reaching the quarter-finals where he was narrowly edged out of the competition. This was a start to his promising career. He made a comeback just two months later to the Macomber cup in Monte Carlo on to be bundled out by one of the competitions finest. Down but not out, he used his previous performance as a source of determination and took part in the Villers-Sur-Mer tournament to deliver one of his entire careers. Patrick Landau blazed through the early rounds of the tournament reaching the semifinals where many thought his luck would run out but he battled through to win two sets to one. Even a greater challenge posed when he was drawn to play Richard Crealy in the Final which turned out to be a real showdown for his many fans. Even though he narrowly lost to him, his name made rounds in the papers and he became a household name.



Having established his winning form his next competitions in the following year proved to be a walk in the park. He cruised through the competition where he ultimately found his match in the final match in the Cannes Montfleury Cup. This acted as a point to which he had to polish on his final plays so he could lift the much-coveted trophies. At this point, it was clear that the spirit of resilience did flow from his well-decorated father to him to showcase his raw natural talent. His undying love for the sport ultimately helped him get some distinguished successes which included being the junior champion and later on being the Singles and doubles champion of Monaco, the runner up in the French Junior championships and also being Western Athletic Conference No.5 singles champion. He was also the Durham doubles championship. Tennis partly being a team sport, Patrick helped to exercise his teamwork skills by being a member of the 1969 Western Athletic Conference championship team. He was a member of the Monaco Davis Cup Team for the past several years and also a member of the Galea Cup Team which is also the same as the US Junior Davis Cup where he happened to be coached by his very own father who was a captain in the team. Patrick Landau participated in the Monaco Davis Cup where he was part of the Monegasque team. The cup covered various zones that are A and B with Monaco in the later while Israel was in zone A. Although his team missed the chance to battle with Israel, they gave an exemplary performance. His effortless zeal for tennis enabled him to be the best double team in the year 1972.His character is a true inspiration to everyone who believes in their talents. He is a mentor in the world of tennis sport.

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